I can't begin to tell you how pleased we are with your sessions with Bandit. On Monday, she did a 180 in behavior.  This is just so wonderful. It is obvious to me that she is really trying. It is just remarkable. I can't thank you enough. I am just in awe of what you have done with her. --April, Washington



TOO HYSTERICAL!! Thanks again you definitely got her personality I was rolling reading it, had tears in my eyes the whole time. --Kathleen, San Antonio

Wow, what an extraordinary document.  Everything rang true in it.  Especially the parts about wanting soft things and more treats and hay.  He LOVES treats and lots of hay! --Steve, Arizona

I noticed the second interview was ended at 8:27 or soon after.  Let me tell you what happened at my house tonight.....I had been having dinner with my mother and I got home about 8:15 and was talking to Charlotte on the phone.  I remember looking at the clock and it was 8:45. Soon after I got off the phone all four buns came in the living room and were bouncing around on the sofa all into my shopping bags; climbing on the coffee table - it was hilarious to see them so playful in the living room - then about 9:30 when it was time for Hazel to run and them to go into the run - they all filed in one by one for cookies.  No more fighting and hassle to round them up! --Paula, New York

Oh my, Kim, you are a miracle worker. Lightning is a different bunny!  His whole demeanor seems so much more relaxed and content. --April, Washington



"Thanks very much for talking to my Baby Girl. Her responses were just what I would imagine her personality to be. I'm very gratified that she likes me and enjoys living with me." --Steve, Arizona

"I definitely feel better equipped to deal with Murray's problems after Kim talks to him.  I always come away with new "insights" as well as growing confidence that I am correctly interpreting some of his "statements" to me, although I don't FULLY understand all the reasons." --Kathy, Missouri