Services Offered

Animal Communication

Animal Communication  - $60 an hour (or $1 a minute if less than an hour).  The transcript is included in this rate.  There is a $15 minimum.  Please note that I am only taking consultations for rabbits at this time.  If you have a dog or cat, please see Animal Communicators List for a list of other animal communicators.

Lost Animal -  If you have a lost animal issue, please contact an animal communicator on the Lost Animal List.

How The Session Will Work - I prefer to work alone with the animal, either in person or long distance. In order to do this I need the name, age, species, breed, and a description of the animal.  If we are working via e-mail, I would also like a picture of the animal.  Sessions are most productive if you come up with your questions ahead of time. Decide which questions or topics are most important to you.  You can fill out the Consultation Request form or contact me directly.

I can talk to you on the phone before and/or after the consultation, if you wish. I will talk to your animal offline. I will always ask the animal if he or she has anything to tell you.  A transcript (in Microsoft Word, unless otherwise requested) of the communication with your animal will be available immediately after the session.  The transcript will be emailed to you along with comments on the communication.  If you have further questions, I can talk to your animal again.  

When you are finished, I will ask you to fill out a feedback form, and will send you the invoice based on the number of minutes I talked with your animal.

I accept certified funds (money order or cashier's check), personal checks, or PayPal.