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Animal Communicators

Kathleen A. Berard is an animal communicator and holistic animal care facilitator in San Antonio, Texas. Specializes in holistic care, raw food diet, and flower essences. 

You can find lists of other animal communicators at Penelope Smith's site or at the Animal Communicator Directory.

Keek Mensing wrote The Way I Hear Them: Stories of An Animal Communicator.

A gifted and humorous animal communicator and writer, Keek Mensing shares her surprising journey to becoming a telepathic animal communicator in mid-life. She relays here stories of her early work with companion and wild animals. Her accuracy and depth in the communications is critiqued by the animalsí humans. This is a book loaded with heartwarming stories of animals so loved by their humans.  Each story is told just the way Keek hears them, in the exact words of the animal. You may get a bit teary as you read about Daisy the rescued horse who tells Keek she wants a red blanket to wear so that everyone will know that she is cared for and loved, or Maggie and Ike who come home from 10 days lost in the Montana mountains after talking with Keek.  Laugh as you read the words of Murray the cantankerous bunny and marvel at how each animalís unique personality comes through.  The results of the sessions will amaze you, such as with Izzy, a standard poodle, who within an hour quit trying to kill the new household kitty and instead let it cuddle up to her, all because Keek assured her it was a kitten, not a squirrel.  The wonder of interspecies dialogues between humans and animals allows us to know their inner world.  What else might we learn with heightened intuitive awareness?

Penelope Smith is an internationally known animal communication specialist who has written several books and holds classes both at her home in Point Reyes, California and at various locations both in the United States and abroad.  See her website for her Interspecies Communication Training Program course listings, calendar, and list of other animal communicators. 

Assisi International Animal Institute of Oakland, California, is operated by animal communication practitioner Jeri Ryan and offers a Professional Animal Communicator Certification program.  

Energy Worker

Carrie Laymon is a certified Reiki Master Teacher in Austin, Texas.  She specializes in Reiki, flower essences, and access energy transformation for all animals.