Rabbit Health


Choosing a Rabbit Veterinarian (pdf)
Vet Etiquette (pdf)
Veterinary Resources (Consulting Vets, Speciality Labs) (pdf)


Drugs By Class (pdf)
E Cuniculi - Fenbendazole, Albendazole and Oxibendazole: Are We Seeing Negative Side Effects? 
Giving Medicine to Your Rabbit
Bicillin (Revised 2002)
Nebulizing Rabbits
Safe Drugs
Dangerous Drugs
The Importance of Analgesia for Pet Rabbits (Susan Brown, DVM, 2001)
Administration of Subcutaneous Fluids at Home (Wendy Brooks, DVM, 2001)
Drug Safety (pdf)
Proper Handling (pdf)

Rabbit Physiology

Rabbit Gastrointestinal Physiology (2003)
Windows to the Bunny Soul: Your Rabbit's Eye Health
How to Sex Your Rabbits

Rabbit Diseases

Rabbit Medicine (March 2001)
Rabbit Q&A (2003)
The Merck Veterinary Manual Rabbit Chapter
Your Bunny Probably Has It - Pasteurella
VHD Fact Sheet
Rabbit Heart Disease - Two Case Studies
What to Do When Bunny Foo Won't Chew
Bunny Foo and the Hachoo! Factor
Bladder Stones and Bladder Sludge in Rabbits (Susan Brown, DVM, 2006)
Rabbit Dental Disease (Susan Brown, DVM, 2001)
Dental Problems in Rabbits (Sari Kanfer, DVM, 2002)
Abscesses in Rabbits (Susan Brown, DVM, 2001)
Flystrike (2002)
Sore Hocks (2002)
Respiratory Disease (Heidi Hoefer, DVM, 2001)
Jillian's Head Tilt
How to Manage the Geriatric Rabbit (Karen Rosenthal, DVM, 2001)
Problems of the Geriatric Rabbit (Gary Riggs, DVM, 2001)
E. cuniculi Treatment Success Stories (pdf)
Dental Challenges (pdf)
Red Urine (pdf)
Abscesses (pdf)
Blindness (pdf)
Heart Disease (pdf)
Cancer (pdf)
Fleas (pdf)
Summer Dangers (pdf)


Rabbit Medical Emergencies (Sari Kanfer, DVM, 2002)
Taking the fear out of Anesthesia and Surgery (Susan Brown, DVM, 2001)
Useful Tips for a Trip to the Emergency Center (Rabbit Advocates)
Natural Health Care for Rabbits (Anna Maria Gardner, MA Vet.MB MRCVS, 1997)
Anesthesia and the Rabbit
Planning for Emergencies (pdf)
First Aid for Rabbits


Why Your Vet is Out for Bunny Blood 
Small Mammal Hematology: Leukocyte Identification in Rabbits and Guinea Pigs
Rabbit Serology
Monthly Bunny Checkup
What's Growing in Your Rabbit? - Treating Bacterial Infections

Insurance and Financial Aid

Veterinary Pet Insurance
IMOM.org - Helping People Help Pets


Coping With Loss (pdf)
Love, Loss, Grief and Survival (pdf)

Personal Stories

Bijou: Caring for a Disabled Rabbit
Barney's Story - Living with Paralysis
The Comeback Kid - Hubert's Mysterious Illness and Amazing Recovery
Calvin's Care Corner - Tube Feeding
A 4th of July Miracle