Kim Meyer
Animal Communicator



What is Animal Communication?

Animal communication, also called interspecies communication or telepathic communication, is a telepathic method of talking to an animal.  Animal communication can occur in person, over the phone or through email. Every communicator has his or her own preferred method of communication.  Pictures, emotions, and words are conveyed from the animal to the communicator, and are interpreted to assist you with the issue at hand.  Animal communicators act as facilitators, helping you to understand the animal and helping the animal to understand you.  Animal communicators also act as mediators, helping to resolve differences between you and your animal.  All sessions are private and confidential.

How can an Animal Communicator help me?

Animal communicators can assist you with a variety of issues:
  • behavioral problems
  • death and dying
  • emotional issues
  • vacations and moving
  • life changes
  • lost animals
Many animal communicators work with flower essences, homeopathy, Tellington Touch and Reiki.

Animal communication is not a substitute for veterinary care or for basic dog obedience training.

How does a communication session work?

I prefer to work alone with the animal, either in person or long distance. In order to do this I need the name, age, species, breed, and a description of the animal.  If we are working via e-mail, I would also like a picture of the animal.  Sessions are most productive if you come up with your questions ahead of time. Decide which questions or topics are most important to you.  You can fill out the
Consultation Request form or contact me directly. I will always ask the animal if he or she has anything to tell you.  A transcript of the communication with your animal is available upon request.  I will ask you to fill out an evaluation form so that I can better my skills at communicating.