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Rabbit Nutrition and Nutritional Healing

"Rabbit Nutrition and Nutritional Healing" provides rabbit owners with a resource in which they can find data on rabbit diet summarized and presented in terms the layperson can understand and use. Information on each nutrient is given, as well as recommendations on the amounts that are needed for the optimal health of rabbits. The nutritional content of many rabbit-safe foods is provided in easy-to-read tables and a detailed index makes searching for specific information fast and simple. Additional topics covered include: mycotoxins, phytonutrients, rabbit-toxic plants, signs of nutritional deficiencies, how to select hay and commercial feeds, and how to interpret feed labels, here in one volume, is everything the rabbit owner needs to know about feeding rabbits and improving their health through good nutrition.


Mithril's Magic


“I’m not scared” is bunny Mithril’s mantra. By repeating the words, they become his truth. From a rocky start, Mithril builds a wonderful life based on courage and faith.


Based on the life of one of the author’s rabbits, Mithril’s Magic weaves details about the joys and challenges of life with companion rabbits into a story of courage, faith, and unconditional love. Mithril’s inspiring spirit and positive outlook on life shine throughout the story, from his farewell to his birth mother through his rescue by a human angel to his journey to his forever home.  


Evonne Vey’s beautiful illustrations capture the magic of Mithril’s special personality, creating a charming book that parents will enjoy reading to their children and animal lovers can recommend to friends considering a pet rabbit.


 King Murray's Royal Tail

Have you ever thought about what happens to a live Easter Bunny once Easter is over? King Murray’s Royal Tail is the story of such an Easter Bunny. Murray eventually finds a forever home, where he is an important part of the family, a true companion animal. But his journey to reach this home is not an easy one.

Murray’s story is based on the life of one of Kathy Smith’s rescued rabbits, who shared her life for almost five years. As Murray’s bond with Kathy deepened, she recognized him as a wise and majestic soul who had much to teach her. His courage and wry wit inspired Kathy to share his story with the world.

Karen Scott’s beautiful, realistic illustrations capture Murray’s true spirit, bringing this majestic character and his companions to life. His story will touch the hearts of animal lovers of all ages. Once you have met King Murray, you will see rabbits in a whole new way!


Rabbit Health in the 21st Century

This user-friendly book on pet rabbit health from a caretaker’s perspective is written for people with little or no medical or veterinary background. Its goal is to help rabbit owners play a more active, informed role in their rabbit’s health care decisions. It should never substitute for a trip to the veterinarian!

The book’s predecessor, Rabbit Health 101, received a favorable review in Exotic DVM Veterinary Magazine. The revised edition incorporates feedback from veterinarians across the country and includes the latest information for the new millennium.

Topics include:

Stories and pictures of rabbits from around the world are sprinkled throughout the book, adding personal touches to serious topics. By the time you have read the entire book you will feel that you know Smokey, who inspired the original Rabbit Health 101, and Murray, who contributed so much to this most recent update.


When Your Rabbit Needs Special Care

A complete guide to the care and behavior of rabbits with special needs, this resource provides information on topics as diverse as how to administer subcutaneous fluids to how sounds and color help promote healing. With photographs and drawings accompanying the text, this handbook features quotes from leading rabbit veterinarians and alternative healing practitioners from across the country. Information on basic care, pain control, digestive system problems, chronic illnesses, physically challenged rabbits, progressive disabilities causing mobility problems, dental problems, and emotional issues provide pet owners with the perfect reference to sustaining a longer, healthier life for their rabbits.


A House Rabbit Primer: Understanding and Caring for Your Companion Rabbit

A House Rabbit Primer: Understanding and Caring for Your Companion Rabbit is a complete, up-to-date handbook on all aspects of rabbit care for both new and experienced pet rabbit owners. Just a few years ago, most pet rabbits were kept outdoors in hutches. That time is past. Today, pet rabbits are considered to be members of the family. They are spayed/neutered pets kept indoors and pampered with special toys and treats.

In A House Rabbit Primer, author Lucile C. Moore, Ph.D., provides pet rabbit owners with valuable information about the total care of their pet. Part one tells owners just what to expect from their new member of the family and gives detailed information on how to house, feed, and train a rabbit. Part two contains a comprehensive medical section. In addition to detailed information on many rabbit diseases, there are tips on creating a first-aid kit for rabbits as well as providing emergency care.

With more and more pet owners choosing to keep their rabbits indoors full time, this informative guide lays out practical information for making rabbits a healthy part of any family.


The Relaxed Rabbit

Professional massage and bodywork provides great health and wellness benefits. Why not extend this to our animal friends? In The Relaxed Rabbit: Massage for Your Pet Bunny, professional Massage Therapist Chandra Moira Beal and her mini-lop rabbit, Maia, share basic massage strokes specifically designed for pet rabbits. They offer the layperson a step-by-step routine to practice on companion rabbits at home. No experience is necessary to share the joy of massage with your pets.

The Relaxed Rabbit: Massage for Your Pet Bunny

Through dozens of photos and illustrations, you’ll learn:

Massage is also a great way to deepen your relationship with your pets, as touching strengthens the animal-human bond. Stroking a pet can even lower your blood pressure, increase self-esteem, and establish a feeling of well-being.

Animal massage is a win-win prospect. Get started today!