Lagomorph Lounge Small Animal Boarding


Thank you for boarding your rabbit/guinea pig/chinchilla/gerbil/hamster/mouse at the Lagomorph Lounge.  While in our care, your animal will get a clean litterbox, fresh hay, vegetables, pellets and water every day (depending on the typical diet for their species).  Please complete the boarding contract form to let us know how we can contact you, and to tell us about your animalís needs and typical behavior.  Please also fill out the Emergency Veterinary Care Directive attached to the contract and bring at the time you drop off your animal.

Fees:  Unless other arrangements are made in advance, the following rates apply: $60 per week (or $10 a day, one day is free if you board for a week) for one or two rabbits, guinea pigs or chinchillas, or $10 a week for gerbils, hamsters and mice.  Rates are calculated per number of nights.  Please inquire for fees for more than 2 animals.  If it is necessary to take your animal to the vet additional charges will be incurred. Payment is expected when you drop off your pet.

Please note: Due to changes in work scheduling the following applies as of March 27, 2016: Drop off/pickup time on Sundays through Wednesdays is between noon and 3 pm ONLY.   On Thursdays all times are after 12 pm.  Fridays and Saturdays are more flexible. If these times will not work for you, please check our list of other boarding resources below.  There is also a limit of 5 cages of boarding animals per week except during holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas).

Medications: We are able to medicate animals.  This includes giving shots, subq fluids, and oral medications.  You must provide the medications at the time you drop off the animal with instructions and arrangements for refills, if necessary.

Experience: The caretakers at Lagomorph Lounge have worked with rabbits since 1993 and guinea pigs since 2005.  We have fostered for 2 different rescue groups in the Austin area.  Veterinary references available upon request.  We keep on hand Oxbow Adult Rabbit pellets, Oxbow Cavy Cuisine guinea pig pellets, and Oxbow timothy hay.  Periodically a dog may visit the home, but she will not harm any of the animals.  The animals may not always feel the same.

When You Drop Off Your Pet: Please bring with you food (if something other than Oxbow Adult Rabbit or Oxbow Cavy Cuisine), hay (but only if it is not timothy hay), food dish, water bottle or bowl, toys, cage or pen (unless arrangements have been made in advance for us to provide housing), medication (if needed), the boarding contract and emergency form, bedding (if other than aspen), payment (either cash or check), and any vegetables or other treats you may wish to provide.

Please contact us if you have any questions or wish to make reservations.

Other boarding resources in the Austin area:

White Rock Veterinary Hospital (Pflugerville)

Research Pet and Bird Hospital (north Austin)

Westgate Pet and Bird Hospital (south Austin)