Alternative Therapies

American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association Referral page Homeopathy
Tips on Finding A TRAINED Holistic Veterinarian (Larry Bernstein, VMD) What is Homeopathy?
Alternative Medicine Overview (Kathy Smith, 2003) (pdf) Recognition and Prevention of Herb-Drug Interaction (John Chen, Phd, 1998)
Is Holistic Medicine Right for Your Rabbit? (Kathy Smith, 2002) Reiki
Chiropractic (Kathy Smith, 2003) (pdf) TTouch
Flower Essences Ttouch
Animal Communication and Flower Essences Ttouch, "A Gentle Way to Better Behavior and Health" in HOUSE RABBIT JOURNAL (Carolyn Harvey, DVM, 2001)
Bach Flower Essences Acupuncture
Animal Communication Acupuncture and Acupressure (Kathy Smith, 2003) (pdf)
Animal Communicators  
Animal Communications (Kathy Smith, 2003) (pdf)