RAIN (Rabbit Adoption and Information Network) is an alliance of organizations and individuals dedicated to Rabbit Rescue and Education. Each individual or group operates independently and maintains their own rules for adoption, membership, and behavior of volunteers and representatives. You will find a variety of perspectives on most subjects on this website. We are united by the beliefs and ideals listed below.


RAIN Philosophy


·        Rabbits are companion animals in the same sense as cats and dogs.


·        Rabbits should not be exploited for profit or medical research


·        Rabbits, like other companion animals, should be housed indoors. RAIN members are happy to explain the health and safety risks of keeping companion rabbits outdoors. RAIN members are also dedicated to improving the lives of all rabbits, and will answer your questions and offer helpful suggestions regardless of your rabbit’s living arrangements


·        Education is the key to solving the problem of unwanted rabbits and that education must reach beyond the established “rabbit community.” The key to a successful education program is establishing a good working relationship with shelters, media, veterinarians, and the general public in your area.


·        Until education reaches the general public, no rescue group will be able to save all the unwanted rabbits in their area. RAIN members are dedicated to helping individuals find homes for unwanted rabbits by providing information about how to find a good home.


·        Each rabbit is a unique individual. There is no single right answer to most questions. What works magic for one rabbit may be a complete disaster for another. Our website is dedicated to providing a variety of viewpoints on most rabbit-care subjects.


·        Rabbit care is an ever-changing field. We are dedicated to providing up-to-date information. Articles on this site include information on when they were last updated.


·        Medical advice and care should always be given under the guidance of a qualified rabbit veterinarian.


Founding Members


·        Kim Meyer, animal communicator and webmaster (Austin, TX)

·        Kathy Smith, author Rabbit Health in the 21st Century and King Murray’s Royal Tail (Kansas City, MO)

·        Suzanne Trayhan, founder of House Rabbit Network (Woburn, MA)


Membership Requirements