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Kim Meyer


Kim has lived with animals her entire life - cats, dogs, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, mice, hedgehogs, guinea pigs and rabbits (and one prairie dog).  She originally started communicating to try to find out more about rabbits who had been abandoned at area animal shelters.  Kim has been communicating professionally with animals since 2000.  She has studied with Leta Worthington and Jeri Ryan. Her specialty is rabbits.  She is a Reiki II and is studying intuitive healing and other vibrational medicines.

Kim holds a BBA from the University of Iowa and works for a large computer manufacturer in Texas.

Kim lives in Round Rock, Texas with her dog and cat and foster animals. She fostered for a rabbit rescue group for several years, and has been a member of the House Rabbit Society since 1994. Kim is on the board of Vision Hills Sanctuary and founded and fosters for Austin Guinea Pig Rescue.

Kim has answered animal communication questions on About.com and rabbit health and behavioral questions on the Rabbit Forum at AllExperts.com.  Kim has been interviewed on A Variety of Pets Media on blogtalkradio.  Kim is quoted in the book "King Murray's Royal Tail" by Kathy Smith and in the book "When Your Rabbit Needs Special Care: Traditional and Alternative Healing Methods" by Lucile Moore, and tells the tale of Bambi the rabbit's encounter with a hamster in "Touched by a Rabbit: A Treasury of Stories About Rabbits and Their People" by Lucile Moore and Kathy Smith.